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New preprint out: 'Peer Production Practices: Design Strategies in Online Citizen Science Platforms'!

We have just released a new preprint on SocArXiv: Kloppenborg, K., Ball, M. P., & Greshake Tzovaras, B. (2021, May 23). Peer Production Practices: Design Strategies in Online Citizen Science Platforms.

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Personal science, community learning and the quantified self - Interview with Gary Wolf

Gary Wolf, journalist, researcher and contributing editor at Wired magazine since its beginnings, is the co-founder of Quantified Self, an international community of users and makers of self-tracking tools who share an interest in self-experimentation and “self-knowledge through numbers”. Gary is also one of the board directors of the Open Humans Foundation, and active contributor of the Open Humans self-research community. We interviewed Gary during a data collection process for a study on motivations, learnings and peer support in self-research communities (more info here), and since Gary gave permission to use his non-anonymized data (“I’m a journalist!”) we reproduce our conversation here, with minor edits.

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Successful Transbiome crowdfunding

The crowdfunding campaign for our Transbiome study just ended tonight with a resounding success: Thanks to 214 contributors we managed to raise nearly 9,000 € – 209% of our initial funding goal!

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Crowdfunding for Transbiome

Our amazing Master student Clara Lehenaff has designed a community-based participatory research study to improve gynecological care for trans women. With Transbiome she is exploring the microbial diversity of the neovaginal microbiome to perform the basic research that is necessary to understand how to treat neovaginal infections.

The crowdfunding campaign for her study is going extremely well: With more than 2 weeks to go we are already at over 80% of the optimal funding goal. Please consider contributing to the campaign to help us make the study happen!

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Upcoming conference talks

The conference season is starting up again. And as all events are remote these days due the pandemic, participating is as easy as joining a call. Some of our team members are giving talks at different conferences within the next few weeks:
Bastian is presenting what we learned with Quantified Flu at csv,conf,v6 on May 4 and will talk about how Open Humans implements infrastructure for citizen science at Data Justice on May 20.
Enric will present his work on the motivations of personal science practitioners at the Science & Technology Studies Italia conference at the end June.

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New preprints out: Quantified Flu and Co-Immune!

Over the last days we have released two new preprints on MedRxiv: The first one is about the creation of the Quantified Flu project, which was designed and implemented collaboratively with members of the Open Humans and Quantified Self communities and highlights both the co-design process as well as the benefits of this approach.

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Upcoming events

This includes conferences or workshops where members our team participate in, as well as publicly accessible events we organize, such as our fortnightly journal clubs.