Get Involved

Our research focus is around citizen science, peer production and open science itself. In our own work we are putting those principles into practice as well. As a result we are more than happy to have people join us in our projects and contribute in a variety of ways. Some of the main ways to get involved with us are listed on this page.

Join our reading club

We are running a weekly reading club in which we discuss foundational literature, recent academic publications and non-traditional materials (such as blog posts) that relate to the understanding of collaborative processes in citizen & community science. The reading club is open to everyone and takes place every Tuesday at 2pm Paris time (8am Eastern). Click here to find what reading is scheduled for next next weeks and more details on how to join.

Collaborate with us

We have a number of ongoing collaborations with other teams, both locally at CRI and around the globe and a deep experience with remote and distributed collaborations. Our current and past collaborations include a broad set of topics, including personal genomics, citizen science, data governance, peer-production, open access, personal science/self-research, digital platform development, bioethics and many more. Do you have a topic where our research approaches and expertise might be useful? Or are you interested in doing your own co-created, participant-led research project and are looking for help? Contact us!

Do self-research

One big focus of our research is around how people in the personal science space perform their own self-research experiments, how and what they learn from it and how collaborations between self-researchers work and how they can be improved. Within the Open Humans community, Mad & Bastian are hosting an open self-research meeting on Zoom that brings together self-researchers from around the world.

You’re invited to join us – every Thursday at 10am PST / 7pm CET. No matter if you’re just getting started about doing self-research, generally curious about it or already an experienced self-researcher. Read more about those calls and check out the notes of the past calls.

Participate in our studies

Currently we are running a number of studies for which we are looking for additional participants. Check out our dedicated study websites and see if any of those are of interest to you:


We are always looking for and are happy to host interns to host in our lab. Given the broad scope of our lab there are options for students from a variety of academic backgrounds, including the social sciences, life sciences and digital sciences. Depending on your interests interns can either join one of our already established and ongoing projects or develop their own research projects together with us.

Other ways to support or work with us

You have any ideas for how to get involved that are not listed here yet? Get in touch and let us know!